Ike's Home Page

Hi! I'm Ike, a vizsla. I was born on April 14, 1997. I'll bet you're wondering how I learned how to type so well at such a young age. Actually I'm best at the old "hunt and point" method of typing.


These are some of my littermates. One of them could even be me but I don't quite remember what I looked like back then. I might have even been that crazy guy on the left trying to eat my sibling.

These are my parents:

Ike's Dad

My mother is Magyar's Foxfire Tisza

My dad is Ch.Alde's Blazin' Beau CDX

Do you want to hear some crazy stories about me? My dad Kevin who (very oddly) walks on two paws has written some stories about me. You can read them if you'd like.


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