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Ring started January, 1998

If you are just cruising through this ring, scroll down to the bottom and keep on going.  If you are interested in joining the ring or are a ring member, please read on.

Contact the Ring Manager (vizsladog@removespamblock_blayne.com )

About the Vizsla WebRing:

This is the home page of the Vizsla Dog Web Ring.  A Ring is a collection of sites related to a single interest - in this case, related to vizsla dogs.  The ring will allow you to jump from one ring member site to another.   If you have a site or even a single page about a vizsla or something related to the vizsla breed, you are welcome to submit your page for consideration.   Vizsla breeders, owners and other enthusiasts are welcome to join the ring.  My primary objective is to make it easier for web surfers to find vizsla specific web pages, something I would have greatly appreciated when I first started looking into the breed.

So, who is that little vizsla in the logo?   That's my v, Calvin.  He was very young in that picture, probably 3 or 4 months, which explains why his eyes were still blue.  You can learn more about him and see a bunch of pictures on his site.

Joining the Vizsla WebRing:

First, you need to have your own web site.  If you do not have a website, you cannot join the ring!  But, of course, anyone is welcome to surf the sites that are a part of the ring and you don't need to register, sign in, or do anything special.

Joining is simple - just obtain a WebRing ID (if you don't already have one), make sure you are signed in, and then Join the Vizsla Ring.  Once you have submitted your site info you will then need to add a small section of code to your web page.  If you do not plan to add the Ring navigation code to your page within a few days, please DO NOT submit your site to the ring.  You will not become an active member of the ring until you have added the code to your own web site.

Note:  Until you have added the Navigation Bar code to your page, your site will remain inactive and will not be accessed within the ring.

Once you have added the code, you should see this:

WebRingHome - About - Privacy

 on your page.  You won't get the rest of the ring links, along with the little Vizsla head, until you have been activated in the ring.

Please do not just copy the source html code from the bottom of this page or from another page in the ring - you must use the code generated specially for your own page, which looks very different (and is much shorter) than the code you will see displayed on each web page in the ring.  

That's about it.  You will receive email notifications once you have joined, and status messages indicating if you have been accepted and activated in the ring.  If you have any questions, send me an email at:  vizsladog at (change to email format) blayne.com.   

Thanks for joining the Vizsla Web Ring!

(started February, 1999)